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Integrated Internet Marketing Services

E-commerce is a new form of an old business: mail order. (Even if your website does no transactions, sending the orders elsewhere, it’s a variation on mail order—mail without the order.)

Profitable websites—whether transactional or promotional--are marketed according to the principles of Direct Response Marketing. Our marketing services for you adapt the proven methods of direct response marketing to the health-oriented marketplace of the Internet:
Identifying your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
Locating your prospects in the health-oriented niches they congregate in (they don’t surf endlessly—they find places that appeal to their interests and return to those places again and again).
Appealing to your prospects on the basis of benefits, answering the inherent question, "What will it do for me?"
Providing a user-friendly sales process (both logical and intuitive).
Cultivating  a relationship with your customers that builds trust and yields loyal customers.
Recognizing that the most cost-effective business is repeat business.
Taking advantage of the Internet’s low cost and quick response to test various elements of your marketing mix.

Our Marketing Services Include:
MAPs (Marketing
Action Plans)
Email Marketing Campaigns Writing
Search Engine Placement and Maintenance Internet Ad
Publicity/Link Development
Promotions Merchandising Website Construction and Upgrades

Website Analysis

Web Hosting Website Translation


Internet Marketing Action Plans

Your Natural Net Marketing MAP (Marketing Action Plan) is your guide to profiting from your website.

It makes your goals concrete. 
Establishes a direct route for reaching your goals. 
Establishes the budget and timelines for reaching your goals.
Puts all the elements of your marketing mix in context.

We strongly recommend that your Internet marketing relationship with Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions start at the beginning—with a plan. 

Marketing Action Plans: MUCH MORE

E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Orders are taken on your website, but email is the way to speedily convert great numbers of prospects into customers. Email is the real key to e-commerce profitability. Our email marketing programs* are completely unique, consisting of:

Your opt-in health-oriented ezine (online newsletter); and 
The e-mail Quick Conversion System (QCS)™. QCS is our unique  follow-up system that automatically sends seven health benefit-oriented email messages to your prospects according to a pre-determined schedule (approximately six weeks).

*If you could only sign up with us for one service, this tremendous one-two marketing punch would be our recommendation.

Writing Cybercopy

Writing effective copy for a website requires a unique approach.  The words on a computer screen are transmitted or radiated out to you, they don’t lie passively on paper. The effect is to make the eyes move. Eyes on the move, compared to print, people scan more and read less. Effective website copy takes this phenomenon into account by using: 

more headlines and subheads
more bullet points
shorter paragraphs
fewer words

The copy we write for your website will serve three purposes:

To convince visitors of the benefits of your products. 
To convert prospects into customers. 
To build customer loyalty. 

Search Engine Placement & Maintenance

Search engines are an essential element of your marketing mix. As the Internet and the World Wide Web grow, it becomes increasingly demanding to gain and maintain placement. Our service: 

Researches, selects, and orders keywords.
Hand registers the top 10 search engines (where over 95% of your prospects are searching).
Registers mechanically with 100's of other search engines.
Checks your positioning regularly.
Re-registers you as necessary to maintain top positioning.

Internet Ad Campaigns

Many Internet marketing plans rely solely on pay-for-view (cost-per-thousand, or cpm) banners. Our ad campaigns are more selective and cost-effective, including: 

pay-for-results banners (click-thrus)
classified ads
ads in ezines
ads with online services (AOL, etc.) 
ads on electronic malls

Publicity/Link Development

When some aspect of your website represents real health-oriented news, publicity can generate a significant surge in visitors. Our service includes: 

Notifying the press of your opening. 
Notifying the press of significant new content.
Notifying the press of awards and distinctions. 
Soliciting links from other sites. 
Posting notices in newsgroups. 


The culture of the Internet—the free sharing of information—naturally encourages marketing through promotions. Our services include helping you offer:

free health/natural products reports
free samples of health-oriented natural products
joint promotions with sites complementary to health and natural products

Related Services: Web Work

Please visit our Web Services page for a comprehensive list of the web services we offer, from web design and upgrading, to web hosting.

Using Our Services

All the services described above could be included in your Internet Marketing Action Plan. However, for a more wide variety of possible reasons, your marketing mix may include less than all. In any case, you have three options regarding how you will interface with Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions

using us solely as consultants, your company taking responsibility for the execution of the plan
using us to execute certain portions of the plan, your company taking responsibility for other aspects
using Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions to fulfill all aspects of your marketing plan

We will be comfortable in any of the options. Whatever will work best for your company will be best for us. Our commitment is to help your site become a real profit center! 

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