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Scott D. Blanchard,
Marketing Director
Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Inc. P.O. Box 1377 Leicester, NC 28748

phone: 828.683.3099
fax: 828.683.2221

New Breakthrough:
All-Natural Pharmaceuticals Available For All Animals, Small & Large
Easy To Administer – No More Struggling!

Leicester, NC. Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals™ (NVP) introduces Skin Irritations™ and Itch Freee...™ - two of 14 all new and in demand natural alternatives for all of your animals.

NVP products are fast, safe and effective homeopathic pharmaceuticals with no side effects and offer triple-potency power in a pure water base with no alcohol, no sugar and no yeast.

Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals™ come in extra-large 4-oz. bottles and are administered in an easy once-a-day dosage in the water supply, eliminating wrestling with your pet to get the medicine down.

Skin Irritations™ is for fast relief of common skin irritations such as itching, scratching, rashes, hives, hot spots, dry, rough, chapped, scaly, burning, eczema, or psoriasis.

Itch Freee...™ is an anti-itch formula for fast relief of itching from various causes.

Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals™ have an extra-long shelf life and retain full potency for a period of 3 years. Available individually or as a complete turnkey system in an eye-catching counter-top display with other high demand natural medicines. Comes with 40 informative booklets titled "The Guide to Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals".


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