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CONTACT: Mark Connors
Flower Solutions, Inc.
150 W. 25th St. #401

New York, NY 10001
phone: 1-800-270-0734 or 212-741-7941
fax: 212-741-7944

Finally, Alcohol-Free Flower Essence Remedies!

New York, NY. Flower Solutions® launches 3 ALCOHOL-FREE flower essence remedies - HAPPY DROPS™, EMERGENCY SOLUTION™ and EMERGENCY SOLUTION™ for KIDS.  These unique alcohol-free flower essence remedies also contain herbal extracts and have a great natural taste! Available in 1 oz. dropper top bottles with a suggested retail price of $8.95.

HAPPY DROPS™ contains a powerful blend of flower essences combined with St. John’s Wort extract and a pleasant tangerine taste.  This formula has seven effective flower essences to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart. 

EMERGENCY SOLUTION™ contains a powerful blend of vibrational flower essences combined with Kava Kava extract and a natural orange taste.  This powerful formula, used in times of fear or whenever physical, mental or emotional situations occur comes to your rescue when experiencing stress associated with life’s traumas and difficulties. 

EMERGENCY SOLUTION™ for KIDS contains a specific blend of flower essences combined with Chamomile extract and a delicious cherry taste.  This formula specifically developed for children, helps kids of all ages deal with the stressful times in life. With this no-alcohol formula children can now receive the benefits of flower essences without the alcohol!

Originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s in England, flower essences have effectively been used worldwide to deal with various human emotions. Flower essences are vibrational similar to a homeopathic remedy and work on the human energy systems to positively influence the human psyche.  Flower Solutions wildcrafts and prepares their own precious flower essences in a pristine northern rainforest area of Washington state where the company’s manufacturing facility is located. These powerful, flower essences act as a catalyst for change and growth, helping us to reach our full potential and experience the best life has to offer. 

Flower Solutions, Inc. also produces 5 Perfume Oils which combine flower essences with aromatherapy essential oils in an easy to use roll-on bottle.  Clearing - an earthy, citrus blend to dispel negative influences, Happiness - a fruity, gardenia blend which also contains St. John’s Wort to increase joy,  Romance - a spicy, floral blend with aphrodisiac oils to liberate your passion, Prosperity - a fresh, “green” scent with added Gold, Silver and Platinum to surround you with luxury, and Peace - a woody, amber blend to calm body, mind, and spirit.  These natural perfume oils are in a natural jojoba oil base and contain no alcohol.  The emotional benefits of the flower essences in these formulas truly make them “Perfumes with a purpose!”


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