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contact: Candleworks
2920 Industrial Park Rd.
Iowa City, Iowa  52240
phone: 319-337-6316
fax: 212-741-7944

Most aromatherapy candles are made of paraffin, which, when burned, is detrimental to health. Candleworks offers a safe, soybean-based alternative.

IOWA CITY, IOWA—Gigantic! One of life’s little inconsistencies...

Aromatherapy and Fragrance candles represent the most rapidly growing area of the six billion dollar candle industry. This growth has happened so quick, that consumers and producers did not stop and think through all the details thoroughly. Aromatherapy oils in paraffin wax is totally incongruent. 

Here are some very important facts that you need to know: 

The Paraffin Problem 

1. Almost all candles made around the world are made with paraffin. Do you know what paraffin is? Paraffin is the waste sludge produced when gasoline is refined! Paraffin aromatherapy candles are now presented to consumers as a therapeutic, health enhancing product. A few decades ago cigarettes were also marketed as a health aid! In a recent report issued by the Agricultural Engineering and Food Science Departments at Purdue University, it’s stated: “Paraffin contains aromatic compounds which are released when candles are burned that are detrimental to health. Paraffin candles release carcinogens when they are burned.” This is as harmful as second-hand tobacco smoke. Purdue encourages a safe soy wax alternative. The book, "Censored, The News That Did Not Make The News in 1998", authored by Peter Phillips, lists as the #1 censored story, "Secret Global U.S.Arms Deals". The second most important censored news listed is about extensive evidence of the carcinogenic effects of petroleum in personal care products. Once a retailer or manufacturer is aware of such a health risk, they have a legal and moral responsibility to remove the health risk or face serious liability issues. 

2. Paraffin candle wax was created 125 years ago as the petroleum distillation industry started. Such candles were used to light a distant, dark corner in a room. For aromatherapy and home fragrance candles, used in close personal proximity, paraffin wax is totally obsolete. If you prepared a healthy drink of fresh squeezed fruit juice, would you add in a shot of gasoline for your health? Absolutely not! It is just as inconsistent and unthinkable to take pure aromatic plant derived essential oils prepared for therapeutic use in aromatherapy and dump them into wax made from harmful gasoline sludge. The aromatherapy industry has grown so quickly that not many people have stopped to think. 

The Soybean Solution 

Candleworks did stop to think. We’ve taken the innovative action necessary to create a healthy alternative: A 100% vegetable, pure, safe new candle wax made with soybeans grown right in America’s Heartland. Burning soy wax is as benign as the aromatic vapors from vegetables sauteed in vegetable oils in your kitchen. Our soy-base wax is literally the first real innovation in the candle industry in the 125 years since paraffin came into use as the predominant candle manufacturing material. Our exclusive Phylawax™ soybean formula is carefully protected as our company’s trade secret. You cannot get this safe new soy wax anywhere else. If you are a retailer or aromatherapy manufacturer that is concerned with the health and safety of your consumers, give us a call so that Candleworks can create a private label line of aromatherapy candles made with our healthy, food grade alternative wax. Our soy oil candle is so pure than you could melt it down to sauté vegetables! 

The Candleworks Way

The soybean is the metaphor of the daily life of Candleworks. Farmers plant soybeans in their crop rotation cycle when the soil needs to be stabilized and restored with important nutrients. We restore stability and nurture our community by providing economic opportunity for disadvantaged and disabled persons. We only use pure plant based wax, colors and aroma oils. Packaging materials are recycled. Candleworks is a model business that operates with social, consumer and environmental responsibility. Candleworks has been cited as the Small Business Administration’s National “Business of the Year” for Welfare to Work initiatives. Candleworks was named Business of the Year by the Iowa City Human Rights Commission. Candleworks is recognized nationally as an innovator in economic development: Federal HUD Office and President Clinton awarded Candleworks the “Best Practice Award” at the National Conference of Mayors. The National Chamber of Commerce presented us the “Blue Chip Enterprise” award to recognize our initiative. Rotary International has inducted Candleworks founders into the Paul Harris Humanitarian Fellowship. Natural cosmetics leader Aveda and Wild Oats Natural Product Markets now provide our soy wax candles for their customers. Your customers deserve our quality products also. We look forward to working with you.

Ask your present candle vendors if their candles are made with paraffin. Ask them if they know what paraffin candle wax is made from. Check out the rest, and then come work with the best... Candleworks.


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