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Guidelines for Submitting Press Releases

Do you have a press release? Please check it against the following guidelines, then email it to us at, and we'll be happy to post it here:

  • Make sure your press release is really news. Supplying the media with a press release is a form of barter, not "free advertising". The media person's job is to pass the news on to his or her readers. The exchange is, Your news for exposure in my publication. The media person is not interested in posting your free ad. If you don't have news, you have nothing to trade.
  • What's news? Well, there's big news and there's little news. Big news is those items that are important to a wide audience: scientific advances, technological breakthroughs, significant new research findings, etc. Little news is most new products (although occasionally new products are big news), and most of the changes going on in your company.
  • The equation is that big news gets wide exposure, little news gets limited exposure, but little news is still valuable--the media needs it, and in the marketing game every bit of exposure helps.
  • Your press release should have a direct connection to the natural products industry (new products, new processes, new research, major company changes, etc.)
  • Start with a headline. The best headline is a one-line summary of your news that tells your readers why they want to read the whole release.
  • Make the most important point(s) in your first paragraph--that may be all your reader takes time for.
  • Write top down: most important points down to the least, like an inverted funnel.
  • Minimize or eliminate superlatives, don't write in market-speak, write the way you talk.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Single spaces between sentences, double space between paragraphs. (In hard copy press releases, it's double, but that isn't necessary electronically because your reader can paste your release into their word processing program and either edit it there, or double space it with a keystroke if they want to work by hand.)
  • Limit yourself to four or five paragraphs. (In hard copy press releases, it's two pages, but electronically it's one page because you're single-spacing.)
  • Don't make your paragraphs long: three to five sentences.
  • It should include basic contact information (contact person, company name, address, phone, fax, web address, email address).
  • Use standard Courier typeface in 10-point size (don't get fancy, your recipient might not be able to read it).
  • Type 60 - 68 character/spaces per line, then hit your return key to begin each new line. (This prevents runaway lines that go past the right margin when your reader's email program doesn't automatically wrap lines.)
  • Don't forget to use your spell-checker! (You don't have to be a great writer, but misspelled words make an unprofessional impression.)
  • At the end, skip a line and write "-end-" (without the quotes).
  • How to format your press releases:
    Contact: Designated person
    Company name
    Physical address
    Phone no.
    Fax no.
    email address
    website address
    <Release goes here>

  • As an example of an acceptable email press release format, see PR981201.

Need your press release professionally written? We can do that for you; contact us via one of the means listed at the bottom of this page.

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