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  • The Natural Net Marketing Press Room . . . where you can post your press releases for FREE.
  • The Natural Net Marketing Press Letter . . . in which the media learns about your press releases.
All natural products companies are invited to make use of this dynamic duo. Here's how they work: 
  1. You send us your press releases. 
  2. We post them here in the Press Room
  3. The media can find your release 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  4. Once a month we send the Press Letter via email to our media list. The Press Letter lists all the releases, with a short description and a link that takes them to the release. 
  5. Once in the Press Room, of course, they're free to check out all the postings. 
  6. And it's a FREE service! There's no way you'll think of everybody when you send your press releases. So posting them in the Press Room will give you additional exposure. There's no way media people can avoid missing things. The Press Letter will give your press releases a new second chance. If you have something newsworthy, don't ignore this wonderful marketing tool. Is there anybody who can't use some free advertising?


How useful are electronic press releases? "We expect the Internet to become the main tool of our trade within the next five years, relegating faxes to the status of eight-track tapes," says Jeff Gluck, webmaster of Bell Atlantic's News Center and staff manager of media relations. Already, most media people accept press releases electronically, even to the extent that there is an established "generally acceptable" format for them.

Do you have a press release? Please check it against our press release guidelines, then email it to us at, and we'll be happy to post it here. We also offer a free classified ad service, so if your posting fits that description better, please post it there.

Need your press release professionally written? We can do that for you; contact us via one of the means listed at the bottom of this page.


PR990105 -- 1/19/99 (Protos Foods). PROTOS FOODS Introduces All-Natural, 2-Minute Gourmet Meal: OSTRIM® Ostrich Sauté, Ready-to-Serve HMR, Unveiled at Natural Products Expo West.

PR990104 -- 1/19/99 (King Bio Pharmaceuticals). New Breakthrough: All-Natural Pharmaceuticals Available For All Animals, Small & Large Easy To Administer – No More Struggling!

PR990103 -- 1/19/99 (King Bio Pharmaceuticals). Top-selling Natural Medicines Used By Alternative Doctors Nation-wide Available To The General Public!

PR990102 -- 1/12/99 (The Wizard's Cauldron). Meet Potential U.S. Strategic Partner At BIO FACH 1999 (exhibitor@ ota/usda hall 3, stall A45).

PR990101 -- 1/14/99 (The Sadkhin Complex). Russian doctor teaches advanced seasonal, wellness-longevity system in the U.S.

PR981203 -- 12/29/98 (Flower Solutions). Finally, alcohol-free flower essence remedies!

PR981202 -- 12/22/98 (Candleworks). Most aromatherapy candles are made of paraffin, which, when burned, is detrimental to health. Now, a safe, soybean-based alternative.

PR981201 -- 12/22/98 (Natural Net Marketing). New marketing website offers free publicity services to the natural products industry via the Internet.


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