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Natural Net MarketingDiscover How To Capture the Hidden Profits in Your Website with QCS!

    Donít allow hot prospects to cool off.
    Close sales quickly. 
    Save time and labor
    Increase your conversion ratio.
    EXPLODE your profits.
How are online prospects converted into customers? Doesnít the obvious answer seem to be, "By getting them to return to the website"? But itís the wrong answer. The right answer is, "Most prospects are converted into customers via email." The website is where that first order is placed, but the conversion process really takes place during a "conversation" between you, the seller, and your prospect. Thatís why, among successful e-marketers, email is called "the killer app" (application).

Successful e-marketers know that for their purposes the Internet is not about technology. Itís about direct response marketing. A website clearly based on direct response marketing establishes interactivity between seller and prospect, connected to a user-friendly sales process. Email is the major tool successful e-marketers use to talk to their prospects, building the confidence that leads to the first sale.

Fact: The average online sale is made on the customerís fifth visit to your website. 

Problems: There are two problems connected to the five-times sequence: 

  1. A long time may elapse before that fifth visit.
  2. The longer they take, the more likely it becomes that theyíll never make the fifth visit.
Solution: Speed up the process by shrinking the elapsed time between visits. In doing so, provide your prospect with more reasons to buy (benefits). 

Question: Good solutionóbut how do you do it? 

Answer: With our revolutionary e-mail Quick Conversion System (QCS). QCS is a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your prospects and then follows up automatically with a series of messages according to a pre-determined schedule. With QCS, if you donít make a sale on the first try, your prospect will automatically receive your different benefit-oriented sales messages seven times! This will make your sales skyrocket! How much is double, triple, maybe even quadruple your normal conversion ratio worth to you? 

Here's How QCS Works
  1. Your prospect visits your website, opts into your mailing list before leaving.
  2. We have written a series of seven short, benefit-oriented sales letters. QCS automatically sends the first in three days.
  3. QCS automatically sends the second seven days later and the rest of the series every week for the next five weeks.
  4. Whenever the prospect becomes a customer, the series stops (unless you want it to continue).
Hereís how QCS is vastly superior to the old way of trying to convert prospects into customers: 

The old way:
You spend hours sending individual emails. 

With QCS:
Info is sent automatically, addresses automatically added to your database. 

The old way:
You devise a cumbersome system for keeping track of which prospect received which follow-up communications. 

With QCS:
Your automated system always tells you exactly where you are in your follow-ups as you build rapport, trust, and respect for your efficiency. 

The old way:
You lose hundreds or thousands of potential customers due to ineffective follow-up and tracking. 

With QCS:
Your effective, efficient follow-up system converts prospects into customers without costing you your precious time. You save time, save money, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase your conversion ratio dramatically, and make more money. 

The Bottom Line

f you donít have a systematic, timely follow-up approach that hits your prospects with benefit-oriented sales messages at least seven times, then you are losing money. Discover how teaming up with Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions on our leading-edge, email Quick Conversion System will drastically save you time and money and increase the profitability of your website.

To capture the hidden profits in your website, contact us right away to find out about the incredible QCS Bonus, valued at $191. The QCS Bonus is available this month, but donít delayóavailability is limited.

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