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You have no doubt noticed that health/natural product consumers are a particularly information-hungry group. Unless your Product Presentations actually surpass the experience a consumer typically enjoys in a physical store, you are not exploiting the Internet’s  potential. When we do your Product Presentations, they will include:

a large product photo in which everything on the front panel can be read
all the copy from the other label panels
a concise but complete explanation of the product
one or more "more info" links, enabling the information-hungry to drill deeper
product testimonials
third-party studies and abstracts where appropriate

Much more about effective product showcases.

Website Construction and Upgrades

Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions and Enchanted Websites will build or upgrade your website the same way we will market it: according to Direct Response Marketing principles for health-oriented consumers. Your website should establish a sales process that is user-friendly and easy to use, characterized by:

being both logical and intuitive
loading quickly
navigating easily
being highly interactive
being lively and interesting
having excellent content and graphics
including benefit-oriented headlines on all or most pages
definitely not requiring all the latest whiz-bang technology (because you need reliability; e-commerce is about a sales process, not technology)
including navigation buttons and complete contact information on every page
covering all possible ways to order
If the above sounds very basic, that’s because it is. A half hour of surfing commercial websites will show you how common it is for the basics to be ignored. A tremendous amount of potential business is squandered by companies that apparently, judging by their websites, don’t really know what business they’re in: the electronic form of mail order. 
The above points do not emphasize graphics, but that doesn’t mean that attractive graphics are not important—they are. To view the superior design work of our award-winning partner, Dr. Chris Tong, please visit:

Website Translation

How do you say, "natural", in Japanese? And use phrasing that means what you and I mean by that word? Imagine for a moment what non-English readers grasp (or don't grasp) when they visit your English-based website.

As of January, 1998, only 55% of all Internet users speak English as their native language. 75 million people access the Internet in non-English languages. The top contenders in this group are:

Spanish 19.0%
German 18.4%
Japanese 18.4%
French 9.5%

If you are a natural product company interested in establishing or expanding your international markets, worldwide exposure alone may not be sufficient. Consider using a highly effective approach: translating your website (especially critical portions like your "product" and "contact" sections) into the languages (and the linguistic nuances) of your international target markets.

Major corporations such as Microsoft (follow the links at for country-specific contact information and home pages) and IBM (press the "Select a country" button on have had multilingual sites for a number of years now, and paved the way for many other multilingual sites. However, you need not have the budget of a Microsoft, to be able to reap the marketing benefits of a multilingual site. Natural Net Marketing is now offering cost-effective translation services, as well as services for indexing your non-English pages on directories and search engines specifically associated with each language population.

Natural Net Marketing

Website Analysis

Is your website ready to do business—really ready? Our team will analyze it according to Direct Response Marketing principles to determine if it:

has an effective sales process
loads quickly enough
is easy to navigate
expresses your USP
is benefit-oriented
is sufficiently interactive
appeals strongly to health/natural products-oriented consumers
will inspire the confidence and trust necessary to create loyal customers

Our analysis of your website will also take into account the points listed under Website Construction and Upgrades, above. Being really ready to do business means you will be on your way to turning your website into a real profit center (or, better, if it already is one, then it will become even more profitable). 

Website Hosting

One-stop shopping for your every web need: That's what you get with Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions. Not only will we design and market your website, but we will also host it. The Enchanted Websites server is connected to the Internet via multiple T3 lines, the fastest possible connections. The basic monthly rate includes 5MB of space (most websites are smaller).

We also offer the following related services:

  • FTP access
  • domain name registration
  • parking or use of secondary domain names (such as and
  • use of "vanity" domain names (such as
  • creation of email aliases
  • password-protected directories
  • additional space as needed
  • web page forwarding
  • and more.

Use the following form to check the availability of a domain name. Please provide a value for a domain name and select one of the extensions, ".com", ".net", or ".org".  A query will be performed on the InterNIC Registration Services database. 
    . com

    Select rather than type
    the extension!
Alternative names to try:


Also try the same names with .org 
Don't use more than 26 characters 
Use only letters, numbers, and hyphens (no other punctuation) 

Here are just some of the domain names being hosted on our server:


Other Web Services

Having had 20 years of experience on the Internet, we offer a broad range of additional web services that amplifies our message of "one-stop shopping for your every web need":

  • professional consultation from experienced programmers
  • website design proposals
  • preparation of your source materials for website use (via scanning, re-sizing, conversion to the appropriate format, image touch-up, etc.)
  • web page copy writing and copy editing
  • improving English copy on international websites (Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.)
  • website structure design: organization of your website vision, your intended market, and your source materials
  • custom design of navigation bars
  • custom graphic design
  • creation of product showcases, including:
    • line listings and/or thumbnail product images
    • full page presentations
    • integration of product entries with commerce system for online ordering
  • custom programming in Java, Javascript, or Perl of such common applications as:
    • counters
    • guestbooks
    • navigation bars with rollover buttons (that change when the mouse is held over)
    • search engines for searching your site
    • commerce systems or shopping carts
    • discussion/message/bulletin boards
    • online auctions
    • membership registration scripting
    • member account reporting
    • personalized web pages for members
    • cookie processing
    • "Frequent Buyers Club" scripting
    • gift certificate scripting
    • database interface construction
    • chatrooms for regular or scheduled chats
    • and more
    or your own custom-tailored application
  • creation of interactive forms, with email and database information capture
  • upgrade of your website to the "look" and technology of current-generation websites (whose absence sends up red flags in the minds of even mildly experienced "web surfers")
  • creation of password-protected sections of your website
  • multimedia design, such as audio or soundtrack processing, animation design, etc. graphics
  • special services such as imagemap creation (pressing on different parts of an image takes you to a different page), dynamic menu buttons (that change shape or play sounds when the mouse is held over them), marquees (with "ticker tape" or scrolling script), slide shows

Besides the clients we have listed above, others who have benefitted from our web services include:

Using Our Services

All the services described above could be included in your Integrated Internet Marketing Plan. However, for many reasons, your marketing mix may include less than all. In any case, you have three options regarding how you will interface with Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions

using us solely as consultants, your company taking responsibility for the execution of the plan
using us to execute certain portions of the plan, your company taking responsibility for other aspects
using Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions to fulfill all aspects of your marketing plan

We are comfortable with any of these options. Whatever will work best for your company will be best for us. Our commitment is to help your site become a real profit center! 

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