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How to Do a Web Product Presentation

First, remember that the Internet is basically an information medium. Commercially, therefore, you want to exploit its greatest inherent strength: The delivery of your information to your customers and prospects. The Internet is better able to present the information that will sell your product(s) than almost any physical store.

Next, keep in mind the old marketing cliché, "The more you tell, the more you sell." This is particularly true with health products, where the hunger for information tends to be acute. And understandably so—we are suggesting to people that they ingest substances that we profit by selling for the good of their health and well-being. Think customer: If you were in their shoes, what would you need to know? . . . and further, what would you like to know?

Finally, remember that no medium gives you the opportunity to communicate so much for so little as the Internet. Nothing else is even close. You are not restricted by the costs of paper, printing, mailing, buying space, or space itself. The Internet will allow you to say as much as you could possibly want for the miniscule cost of inputting the words. And your customers and prospects spend their nickel to read it.

The Elements of an Effective Product Presentation

  • A large, clear product photo
  • Next to the photo, a complete product description (everything on the label)
  • (If this is a retail site, the opportunity to order it)
  • Product background
  • (If this is a retail site, another opportunity to order)
  • An explanation of how the product works
  • (If this is a retail site, another opportunity to order)
  • A description of what the product is used for—the benefits
  • (And yes, another opportunity to order)
  • Technical data
  • (order)
  • References
  • (order)

The Design Approach Behind an Effective Product Presentation

a) Your Product Presentation should be one page, not a series of pages. The process of accessing the information is called "drilling down", done by scrolling, not clicking off to a new page.

The reason for this design principle is that it is the simplest way to present your information. Clicking back and forth becomes confusing, a source of frustration, and wastes your prospects’ time. Prospects who are confused and/or frustrated are usually lost prospects.

b) Clicking enters the process if your prospect wants to skip an earlier part of the presentation to read a later part. The list of topics under "More Information" is in the form of links, eliminating the scrolling in that case.

The reason for this design principle is that it speeds up the information gathering process for your prospects. You don’t want to force your prospects to do a lot of extra clicking, but you do want to offer clicking for added convenience. (The other kind of "good" clicking, of course, is the click that places an order—which is why you offer that possibility after each portion of your Product Presentation. At every point, you want placing an order to be only a click away.)

Demo of an Effective
Product Presentation

(One That Will Sell)

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