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Natural Net MarketingA Letter by Declan Dunn

by Declan Dunn

Declan Dunn
Dear Friend,
The most amazing things happen from where you least expect it…especially on the Internet.

I first met Fred Rohé through a direct response piece he mailed me.

I knew from the power of the ad copy, and the knowledge shown in quickly identifying why it was important for me to read that immediately, that Fred could tap into the power of the Internet.

Anyone can offer you a bunch of hype about the Internet as Information Superhighway, but it takes a direct response marketer to know that every visit to your website is critical. You have to create immense value in your customer base and invite them back again and again.

On first contact, I knew that Fred Rohé would fit the Internet perfectly, because his style and attention to direct response techniques showed me he had what it takes to dramatically increase revenues for his clients.

Since that time we have worked together honing a tested, proven marketing system for the natural foods Internet market. By adapting models we are putting into action with clients like Habitat ( and its direct response online catalog, the position is quite clear:

GOAL: We show you how to dramatically increase your revenues through quick, strategic positioning on the Internet.

I invite you to email, explore, and participate with Natural Net Marketing -- I am.

Declan Dunn

Declan Dunn began consulting and creating websites back when a little company named Netscape came to prominence in 1994. Since then, he has created winning sales strategies for clients like ABC, PBS, BonusMail, USWeb, First Security Capital, and many small businesses. 

Declan combines direct response marketing techniques with his Internet expertise to generate immediate results.  He is the author of three training systems:
  • The Complete, Insider’s Guide to Associate & Affiliate Programs, the first training system to show how to turn links to sales.  Declan takes the model and shows how any company can apply it in their own unique way.  Visit
  • The E-Business Maximum Cash Flow System, showing businesses how to go from start up to generating sales online within 60 days or less;  and
  • The Director of Sales training program, teaching businesses how to sell websites, advertising, and related services.

Declan is in demand as a speaker and consultant nationwide. Before the Internet came along, he consulted with companies in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, setting up sales teams and networks to service corporateclients.  Now he applies this experience and marketing to turn the Internet into a lead generating system working with ADNet International.

Most importantly, he knows how to quickly and easily save money using a website.  Declan takes the seemingly complex Internet and puts it into terms anyone can understand.

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