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Natural Net MarketingA Letter by Chris Tong

by Dr. Chris Tong

Dear Friend,

Dr. Chris TongIt has been my great good fortune to have been on and around the Internet for almost 25 years. Back in 1978 (when the Internet was still called the "ARPAnet"), I was pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Stanford University. I was also a consultant for Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, the place where the future of computing was born: while the rest of the computing world was still on mainframes and using line editors, keyboards, and punch cards, we were working on the Alto (the world's first PC and forerunner to the Mac), using a mouse and a user-friendly graphical interface, WYSIWYG word processors and graphic design programs, and chatting or playing games with my fellows via a local area network. It would take another decade before this technology would become commonplace in the commercial world.

The excitement I experienced then as a young man recurred in 1993, when the World Wide Web was born. Throughout my life as an academic (ten years as a professor at Rutgers University, and a visiting researcher at MIT, IBM Research Center, and Siemens Research), I had a passion for communication. I had organized and led countless workshops and seminars, received research grants from the Defense Department and the National Science Foundation, written or edited several books and numerous publications, and won awards for my teaching. But this new vehicle of the Web excited me because of its potential for seamless integration of every existing medium, and of media yet to be invented. And the Web made it possible for  the vision I first saw back in 1978 to enter the common home, with far greater communicative power than any of its predecessors: newspaper, radio, or TV. 

So in 1994, I founded Enchanted Websites with this vision in mind. Why "Enchanted Websites"? Websites have about five seconds to grab the attention of viewers before they move on -- we specialize in creating websites that "enchant" the viewer at first glance, hold their attention throughout their visit, and prolong that visit. This is 50% of what is required to make a website an Internet profit center. The other 50% is excellent marketing of the site. Neither half can be neglected.

I am happy to say that, since the founding of Enchanted Websites, we have accomplished a lot. Our websites have won awards (including Yahoo's Pick of the Day), been featured on MS-NBC's nationally broadcast TV program, The Site, and have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. It was on the basis of our success that I was recently honored with the 2002 National Leadership Award of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and was appointed special advisor to the chairman of their Business Advisory Council (and I don't even have a political affiliation!)

Our clients have ranged from the lead singer of the rock band Live, whose current album debuted at the #1 position on the Billboard charts last year; to Name That Toon, the #1 publisher of advertising/animation art in the world; to Villas International, the second oldest international vacation rental company in the United States; to Ray Lynch, the platinum album composer of the first New Age gold album, Deep Breakfast. Here's what some of our clients have to say.

Chris Tong is an excellent person to have running your show on the World Wide Web. The site that he helped design and edit for me has garnered more attention this year than I could have possibly imagined. Not a day goes by that I don't get a comment like, 'Wow, your website is incredible, what an oasis on the internet!' I highly recommend him and Enchanted Websites.

Ed Kowalczyk
lead singer of the rock band, LIVE
(whose last album debuted at 
the #1 position on the Billboard charts)

Dear Chris,

As you know, Name That ToonTM is the world's largest publisher of advertising/animation art. We create the artwork for the art market for The Coca-Cola Company, Anheuser-Busch, M&M/Mars, Pillsbury, Hershey, Campbell Soup, Nabisco, and others. Due to the high profile image of our clients, it was most important for us to establish what we felt was the most striking and professional website possible. I just wanted to write you this brief letter to tell you how happy we are with what you have created for us.

The artistic flair and technical innovations have definitely made this one of the most classy sites on the worldwide web and the feedback we have received has only confirmed this. I appreciate all the extra hours you put in toward making this site a great success for us. I wish you and Enchanted Websites only the best.


Craig Wolfe
President, Name That Toon
(the #1 publisher of advertising/animation art in the world)

P.S. I am doing a new bear and artwork for PEZ (the well-known candy company). It was probably one of the quickest approvals in their history. The vice-president for PEZ literally checked out the website, was greatly impressed, and approved the deal with hardly any additional information. My licensing agent was amazed! Good work.

Chris Tong, Ph.D., is undoubtedly one of the finest website designers in the country. If you want the best website, then go to the best. Enchanted Websites' service is excellent. I highly recommend it.

Brian Gelfer
Animation Art Classics


Animation Art Classics


Dear Chris:

I wanted to thank you for both your time and your efforts in developing a wonderful, fully interactive website complete with e-commerce. I came to you with a goal and you fulfilled it both in time and with minimal disruption. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to work with someone, without ever having met them, and have them do a great job.

The Sadkhin Complex is growing and to complement this growth I developed a website at home from my personal computer. When it was completed I realized it lacked the style and coordination of a professional site. You provided that and continue to guide and assist us in our growth. As I write this, we have several other projects under development which would benefit from an ongoing collaboration with your company.

Again, I thank you and your staff for a job well done and hope that we can share a bright and long future together.

Marsha Gekhtbarg
Business Manager
The Sadkhin Complex

Last but not least -- here is what some of the visitors to our websites (including Web Magazine and the Microsoft Network) have to say about our websites: 

What can I say? It's probably one of the most brilliant sites I've visited... I'm tempted to lift most of the code off of it for my own page! I love the sound bytes, the pictures (great artwork and photographs), the 3D worlds, the excellent layout, the backgrounds, and everything else. Who IS your Webmaster!!!?? 

about the award-winning Ed Kowalczyk's Home Page

Maintained by Live's singer Ed Kowalczyk, Hole in the Universe is an all-out assault on your eyes, ears, and soul. Stunningly well-designed, the site posts daily tour diaries, interviews, backstage and early home photos of the band, and samples of art they enjoy.

Sept. 1997 issue of Web Magazine
(the #1 newstand publication on the World Wide Web)

We really like The Hole in the Universe! We're going to be pointing our readers to your site during the last week of November.

One Click Away
(Microsoft Network's guide to the Internet)

My wife and I have enjoyed your music for years and have all your albums except the latest, which I just learned about at this most excellent web page. Your website reflects the same attention to detail and artistry as your music. 

about the award-winning Home Page of Ray Lynch
(Ray Lynch is the composer of
the first New Age gold album, Deep Breakfast)

Great web page -- beautiful graphics & color -- nice energy & very nicely designed -- Love the background in navy swirls; and the piano key effect is fun. 

about the Name That Toon website

This is a beautifully illustrated and well-organized site. I was very pleased to spend time in your website and read about your extraordinary philosophy. 

about the award-winning About Adidam website

I first met Fred Rohé in 1995, at a seminar he gave on marketing. I was impressed not only by the vast experience in the health products field, and the track record of success, that lay behind every point the man made; but also by his thoughtfulness, the ease with which he communicated his ideas, and his good-natured manner. I remember thinking at the time, "This is a guy I would enjoy working with!"  And so it has turned out, to my great good fortune. 

May that great good fortune be yours as well!

You can email Chris at



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