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Natural Net MarketingA Letter by Gardenia Rohe

by Gardenia Rohé

Gardenia RoheYou canít go down the street to your local website developer and find all the advantages for marketing natural products on the Internet offered by Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions. Why not? Let me answer that by introducing Fred Rohé.

Fred has more than 33 years experience in natural products. Beginning as a retailer in 1965, he has been involved in every aspect of the industry, including manufacturing, wholesaling, brokering, consulting, and product development. The understanding he has gained of natural products consumers and the micro niches they fall into cannot be found down the street, or anywhere else.

Over the years, Fred has been a major communicator in the natural products industry, creating a broad array of educational and promotional materials. Heís also the author of The Complete Book of Natural Foods; Natureís Kitchen; Dr. Kelleyís Answer to Cancer; Eat Fat, Your Life Depends On It; and The Zen of Running. Unsurpassed as a copywriter, nobody can direct your marketing materials to your niche market with as much informed authority, creativity, and skill as Fred.

In recent years, Fred has surrounded himself with a highly skilled staff of professionals for graphics, photography, illustration, and website construction. Nobody embodies the expertise and professionalism of our associates more than our website designer, Dr. Chris Tong.

Just as Fred is a natural products pioneer, so Chris is a pioneer of the Internet, with more than twenty years of experience. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, and was a professor of Computer Science and world-renowned leader in Artificial Intelligence at Rutgers University. Chris co-edited the three volume series, Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Design and has been a consultant and researcher at MIT, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, and Siemens Research. In 1994, Chris began applying his vast experience on the Internet to Enchanted Websites, where he has earned numerous creative awards and the accolades of his clients (see


Chris Tong, Declan Dunn, and Fred Rohé -- 
a truly unique combination of talent and experience 
for health-related websites!

"Okay", you might say, "thatís great. But the services of such experts must be  expensive." No -- for these reasons:
  1. The guerrilla approach. We donít just know about guerrilla marketing techniques-we insist on using them. 
  2. Low overhead. We live in the country and work out of home offices-that saves you money. 
  3. Stretching your dollars. If thereís a way to make our work do double duty (or even more) weíll find it. 
"Okay", you might say, "getting a high class site on a low budget suits me. But what about making money?"

Making money -- whether itís through direct transactions or through promotions-is the only reason for having a website. And thatís where our Internet marketing services come in. The virtual world is just like the real world-you have to get the word out. The beauty of the Internet is that spreading the word and motivating people to buy your products can be done for a fraction of the cost of the hard copy world . . . if you know how. . .

Since we do know how, you can assume -- based on our creative website design and our marketing savvy -- that we will develop an Internet profit center for you.

So, after due consideration, Why pay more? Why settle for less?

Most companies go from not having a website to having a me-too "at least I can say I'm up there" site. Maybe it's pretty, maybe not - but it doesn't really matter, because it just sits there not producing much of anything.

To have a real profit center instead of a "me-too" website, you need a plan and an execution that will take you beyond the basics to a turbo-charged guerrilla marketing plan, bringing your niche market right to your door. When they arrive, you greet them with:
a home page that makes an immediate impact - uncluttered, easy to read, quick to load 
benefit after benefit - dangling carrots, pulling them further into your site. 


Ask yourself: 
What do my potential customers want?
What do I have to offer them?
Why do they need what I have?

Then we'll structure your website, based on your answers.

Create your budget.
Identify your target market.
With our help, put together a lean, mean guerrilla marketing plan.
Then we'll put it into action!

Result: A World Wide Web PROFIT CENTER.

Letter from
Fred Rohé
Letter from
Chris Tong
Letter from
Declan Dunn



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