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Natural Net MarketingLetter To Natural Products Companies
by Fred Rohé

Fred RoheMy first adventure in the natural products trade was in retailing. My store (opened in San Francisco in 1965) was New Age Natural Foods, and is credited with being the prototype natural foods store. In 1970 I opened the first natural foods supermarket, in Palo Alto. 
There were some other firsts. The first natural foods restaurant in Northern California, the Good Karma Café, in San Francisco. Northern California's first natural foods wholesale company, New Age Distributing Company in San Jose. The first natural foods trade association, Organic Merchants. In other words, it's fair to say that I was a natural products pioneer.
Since I began in this industry, I've only been away from it for short interludes, either to travel or to write. Maybe you've come across one of my books. There was The Zen of Running (Bookworks / Random House), The Complete Book of Natural Foods (Shambhala / Random House), Nature's Kitchen (Garden Way/Harper & Row), and Dr. Kelley's Answer to Cancer (Wedgestone Press). I also wrote a book for the state of California, Solar Business Opportunities, and self-published a little book called Eat Fat! Your Life Depends On It.
Complete Book of Natural Foods

Nature's Kitchen

It was 1986 when I decided to hang out my shingle as a marketing specialist. One of my first clients was Spectrum Naturals, a startup vegetable oil company. After six months, I signed on as Director of Marketing. Before leaving in 1989, we went from zero to eight million dollars, from no shelf space at all to dominance in our niche. 
Since 1989, I've done marketing for an interesting range of clients, first under the name Organic Marketing and more recently under the name Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions
A hugely successful ad we created for Eden Organic Beans.

Short-term result: extra phone lines to handle all the phone calls.

Long-term result: Eden sold so many beans they bought the cannery.

Ad for Eden Organic Beans
click image for enlargement
So that you'll appreciate the benefits of working with us, here's what some of our clients have had to say about our work: 

You get
better ads.
Thank you for the wonderful job you have been doing for IntraCell Nutrition. You have given us important new insights for improving our marketing concepts and much-needed practical advice for generating better advertisements and sales materials.

IntraCell Nutrition

New Chapter Breast Basics
Click image for more...
You get 
Like all art purchasers, we wanted to have input into the design, be clear on what we were getting, and know what we would have to pay. I was impressed by Fred Rohé's work in this area. Quotes were submitted quickly and clearly, and adhered to. Whether rush samples were needed or whether we asked for revisions, Fred gave us the results needed with calm efficiency. He was a good communicator who was able to discuss our ideas and combine them with the considerable talents of his artists and design staff.

New Chapter

You get
Fred, you helped to bring some sense of clarity to the marketplace and focus to my marketing plans. You have also created an exciting advertising program to express those marketing concepts. I appreciate your professionalism and your personal concern, and especially your efforts to make all of this support affordable.

Bio-Nutritional Products

Izumi Mist Moisturizer
Click image for enlargement
You get 
the ideal 
I have found Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions to be the ideal agency to create marketing support for natural products.

They have unmatched experience in the natural products industry, combined with exceptional writing talent and outstanding group creativity - there's really nothing else like it. Their advertising and other support materials have been extremely effective for us.

Kenshin Trading Corp.

You get 
Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions has carried out several projects for our company. The most recent and largest project was designing, formatting, and writing a 32-page company booklet. Fred also oversaw the rather extensive photography required and worked closely with the printers to see that the job was done on time. This attractive and informative sales tool is being very beneficial at all levels of our sales effort. Fred has proven to be reliable and effective in his work. He is knowledgeable and thorough, and he is able to produce quality material while keeping costs within limits.

Arrowhead Mills

You get 
Fred Rohé has been an invaluable part of helping to grow our company into the leader in our product niche. His knowledge of how to market products and his ability to effectively convey ideas into words makes Fred a valuable asset to any natural products company. He has not only greatly helped us, but his influence can be seen on many businesses throughout our industry.

Maranatha Natural Foods

You get 
Thank you for your excellent service on our ad campaign. From the initial conferences on concept through to the final result, we were most pleased. We especially liked the layout and design, and the wording exactly matched our intention.

Queen Bee Gardens

You reach
the next
I can't thank you enough for the contribution you have made to our integrated marketing program. Your insights and experience have proved to be invaluable in our efforts to communicate our services to the industry. You have taken our company to the next level, without a doubt.

Fare Well Health Productions

You can see from those testimonials how profit-oriented our marketing has always been:

driven by the need to sell
building repeat business through trust
collaborating creatively with clients
keeping costs down
meeting deadlines
All of that, of course, applies equally to online marketing. To transfer our skills to the new medium, probably the smartest thing we've done is to partner up with two true masters of the Internet:

Dr. Chris Tong and the company he created, Enchanted Websites -- Chris is a Ph.D. in computer science and a former computer science professor at Rutgers University; he and his team have created scores of "enchanted websites", winning creative awards for many of them.

Declan Dunn -- a pioneering Internet marketer, entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and seminarist (120 seminars over the past two years). Amongst many Internet activities, Declan is the author of The Web Letter and author of the E-Business Maximum Cash Flow System.

Did you notice I said “we” partnered up with “true masters of the Internet”? The “we” is myself and my wife, Gardenia. She joined the business in 1991, quickly becoming indispensable. Gardenia handles sales, office management, editing, and supplies abundant humor, wisdom, and creativity.

So, whether you want to build a website, or rebuild one, or get it into high gear so that it becomes a profit center, you've found the right people, right here. There just isn't any other place for natural products people like you to find the combination of: 

extensive natural products background
marketing savvy
and technical expertise.

Letter from
Gardenia Rohé
Letter from
Chris Tong
Letter from
Declan Dunn


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