Have a health-related website (or plan to have one)? Let us help you turn your site into an Internet profit center.
We are the Internet design and marketing specialists for the natural products industry.
Here at Natural Net Marketing, you can begin to realize the profit potential of your health-related website. A tested, proven, 12-step action plan that will quickly increase your online revenues.Your smart, systematic approach to integrating the 15+ Internet marketing channels Everything You Wanted to Know About Hiring a Web Designer, but Didnít, Because You Didnít Know the Right Questions to Ask Email marketing with our Quick Conversion System (QCS) to EXPLODE your online profits. How to Determine Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Via Our 5-Step USP Identification Procedure You need only one stop for all your web needs A unique team of experts provide the right mix for your Internet success Contact Us Natural product marketing tips and tactics
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Website Design

Turn your health-related site into a PROFIT CENTER!

step 1
hen it comes to making an Internet profit -- why keep shooting from the hip, when Natural Net Marketing has developed a smart, systematic approach to integrating the 15+ different types of online marketing channels to best fit your needs?

step 1 Let us create a MAP (Marketing Action Plan) for you.

You can benefit from our many years in the natural products industry combined with extensive Internet savvy. Weíre the natural products industryís Internet design and marketing specialists. Here youíll see how we use such Internet marketing tools as search engines, ads, direct email, publicity, and your website itself, thus:

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    bringing them to your site
    converting them to customers
    building relationships into customer loyalty

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How Your Website Can Become a Profit Center in 30 Days

A mini-tutorial on Internet direct response marketing, based on a proven successful system. It will show you how to solve the "profit problem" thatís all too common in online ventures. Your website should be a real profit center; this is how to make it one.

Why the World Wide Web is the 90ís Hottest New Marketing Tool

Undecided about whether or not to take your company online? Of course youíve heard the arguments that most of your competitors are already there and the others soon will be, and that you need to be there to keep up with the times. Here are much better reasons to build a company website.

Web Design

"Building your website," itís often said, "is only the first step. After that, itís all about marketing." As marketers, we sometimes say that ourselves. But it ignores one fundamental factor: The first tool in your Internet marketing kit is your website itself. Thatís why itís so important to design it rightly, from a marketing perspective.

Discover How to Capture the Hidden Profits in Your Website with QCS

Less than 4% of online sales occur on the buyerís first visit. In order to sell the other 96%, you have to get them to return. What if you could get more than half of them back? Better yet, what if they were motivated to buy when they returned? Your online profits would go through the roof, thatís what!

How to Determine Your USP

"Itís a jungle out there." This short, pithy sentence is often used to describe the marketplace. With so many choices, why should your prospective customer favor your product over your competitors? You donít have a good answer to that question unless you can communicate your USP. 

Services for Natural Products Websites

Weíre offering you our services, right? Okay, then, whatís our USP? Start with our founderís 33+ years of natural products marketing experience. Add to that our award-winning design company, whose president has a Ph.D. in computer sciences. And add to that the proven track record of our internationally recognized Internet marketing expert. The result: We can help you make money on the Internet.

About Us

Broad experience in natural products, deep background in natural products marketing, the Internet, and Internet marketing. Weíve got it all covered -- the Internet marketing specialists for the natural products industry. Check us out. 

Building an Internet Profit Center

Do all websites lose money? No, but most do. Does that mean you made a mistake by building a website? No, it means donít emulate the losers -- do what the winners do.

Fact 1
Profitable websites arenít about computers any more than telemarketing is about telephones. The marketing strategies of profitable sites on the Web arenít based on technology, theyíre based on Direct Response Marketing.

Fact 2
There arenít millions of health seekers endlessly surfing the Internet. Health seekers, like other people, tend to do what they do in the rest of the world: They find a limited number of places that appeal to their interests, and they go there again and again.

Fact 3
Profitable Internet businesses donít expend all their marketing energy on generating traffic. It is 5 - 6 times cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Thatís why they call email the "killer app" (application) of the Internet.

Marketing your website with Fred Rohé Marketing Solutions positions you to capitalize on those facts, doing what the winners do:
  1. Your website marketing will be founded on the fundamentals of Direct Response Marketing, adapted to the Internet.
  2. Your website marketing will be targeted to the natural products marketplace niche and the micro-niches within it (and, when appropriate, outside of it too). 
And then, two other important things will happen: 
  1. Your rate of conversion from prospect to customer will be much higher than average through QCS, our email Quick Conversion System, getting your customers immediately involved.
  2. Your marketing will create long-term relationships, bringing your customers to your website again and again.

You wonít find it anywhere else: our unique combination of Direct Response Marketing and deep experience in the natural products marketplace. Contact us. Tell us about your goals and where you stand regarding them. Letís go to work building your Internet profit center!

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